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Kind of going back to the discussion about "YA isn't proper literature, adults should be reading ADULT litererature", I goddamn hate this quote from tumblr:

Because urgh, "high concept". Yes, PD is horror, which is one of the most looked-down-upon genres there is. It's also one of the most clever genres. Yes, it has its stinkers, but so does every genre. Anyway.

PD's writers aren't just clever for their (fucking blatantly obvious) Shakespeare references. There's a lot of stuff hidden in there once you look past the "gory amazing ridiculousness". There's the question of how far are you willing to go to achieve your goals. There's the question of responsibility for your actions. There's the whole theme of redemption. There's the question of where does humanity begin, and where does it end.

And the literary references for sure don't end with Shakespeare. I'm wondering if that person has ever read "Frankenstein". That book is considered a classic not just for being one of the foundations of a whole genre, but also because it touches on some very deep and important themes on what it means to be human, the fear of what is different and how revenge is more destructive than anything else. And PD follows that course with its interpretation of Frankenstein. Then we have Dorian Gray, with its themes of hedonism, dupicity and narcissism. I'm pretty damn sure that Caliban is also a reference to "The Phantom of the Opera".

Just because something is shocking and bloody doesn't mean it's not deep. I thought we all knew that after Hannibal hit the screens.
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If I never have to see people using "straight" in a denigrating way again it will be way too soon.
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Good to see bisexual erasure is still alive and kicking in fandom.

Because, you know, if you take a fictional character who was stated to be in a relationship with one gender and you then put them in a relationship with a person of the other without ever stating that they're homo or hetero now, it's totally not logical to say "they're bi".
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This episode of Game of Thrones.

This episode of Game of Thrones, people

It had everything I could ever have wished for and some thing I didn't know I wanted but now do want.

And it was written by GRRM himself. All hail the creator! Also GRRM your ships are showing. As is who your real favorites are.

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Putting this under a cut because it mentions self harm, eating disorders, hospitalization, substance abuse and suicide. Since this is an autobiography of someone living with bipolar disorder, there will also be some personal stuff by me.

Madness )
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Got this from [personal profile] anactoria .

Put a number in the comments and I’ll answer accordingly.

The mission for those of us who answer the questions, should we accept it, is to stay positive about our writing and ourselves, but to also be fair about our shortcomings.

1. Of the fic you’ve written, of which are you most proud?
2. Favourite tense
3. Favourite POV
4. What are some themes you love writing about?
5. What inspires you to write?
6. Thoughts on critique
7. Create a character on the spot... NOW!
8. Is there a character you love writing for the most? The least? Why?
9. A passage from a WIP
10. What are your strengths in writing?
11. What are your weaknesses in writing?
12. Anything else that you want to know... (otherwise known as Fill in the Blank)

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...and I'm out of that place. Friday and Monday.

And I'm so, so glad. Yes, being unemployed sucks because of money and associated worries, but you know what also sucks? Having a job that wrecks your mental health.

I'll also be glad to leave the sexism behind. Yeah, today was one of those days where I was once again reminded of just how much our bosses value their female employees. I mean, I've always felt a little bit underestimated, but before they got two new, male apprentices, I didn't know exactly why. Now I do. It's because I'm female, and clearly females just aren't as competent as men. Doesn't matter that the guys come to me if they have questions, nope, by virtue of being male, they are automatically able to do more tasks than I am.

I don't blame it on the guys. Both of them are nice, and we get along really well. I blame it on my bosses who are stuck somewhere in a world where equality of the sexes isn't invented yet.

And you know what's worst about sexism? It doesn't just make you hate the sexist people, it makes you hate yourself. Or rather your gender. I know it's not rational and I shouldn't think like that, but for a moment there, I hated the fact that I'm percieved as female. Which I shouldn't because self-hate is one of the most harmful things in the universe. But that's what sexism (and any kind of stigma, actually) does to you. It makes you hate yourself for what you are.

...but no worries, now I'm back to putting the hate where it belongs: their stupid sexist asses.

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1. Wear more nail polish
2. Drink more tea
3. Read more books
4. Write more porn
5. Get ready for the zombie apocalypse
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Browsing through the tag, I’ve seen people interpret Elsa’s part of the story as a queer coming out story. And while this is a valid interpretation, I have a different one. To me, it’s about mental illness, and how to learn to deal with that, especially from a chronic MI perspective.

Spoilers ahoy!
Read more... )

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"No interactions with lamictal", it said on the tin.

And then my new blood results are back and my level has dropped back to sub-effective levels. Goddammit.

I'm going to get another blood test done on Monday, to check if that one wasn't a fluke, but it looks like I might have to go off the pill again. Because it might be fucking with my lamictal levels and that can be dangerous. Great. And I can't just up the lamictal dose because then it might overshoot when I'm in the week where I don't take the contraceptive.

Yes, being on meds is a good thing. But it can also be a pain in the ass because you have to check and double check EVERYTHING for interactions. Hell, eating grapefruit can throw my levels off.

Pharmacology is a bitch. And it's a bitch I'll have to live with until I either die or they come up with a better medication for bipolar II. Seeing how much research is being done in that direction, I'm steeling myself for another 40+ years of this. -_-
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- most important thing: I have my written exams tomorrow and Wednesday. Wish me luck! I'm not too nervous about it, but I'm sure it will come. "This is not the time for fear. That comes later" - Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

- I applied for a nice-sounding job, and they said they liked my application and shall come back to me in February/March (because they're not hiring rn).

- the Doctor Who 50 years anniversary special was GREAT. Even though there wasn't enough Pond.

- no, taking a character who already has some characteristics of the opposite gender, be it in appearance or character, and making them even more like that opposite gender is NOT how you do "fucking with the gender binary". Actually, it's reinforcing the gender binary.

- I'm watching way too much Age of Sail and Regency era historical stuff. I blame the clothes. And rocksnotdead

- how did I ever survive without my smartphone???

- winter sucks. Such cold. Much darkness. Fuck.

- I need to continue with my multi-chapter sprawling epic fanfic, but I have no energy left for writing. Fail.

- American Horror Story: Coven is the best thing to hit the television screen in a long, long time.
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Old neighborhood: people turn their noses on us because we leave the blinds down during winter

New neighborhood: the top-storey tenants down the street are flying the Klingon flag
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oh, and flap my hands. And hyperventilate. OH GOD OH GOD CAN I HAVE IT NOW PLZ.

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Leaving this here for all my friends who are struggling

The Dawn Room

...and yes I put some things in there for you.

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I'm making a compilation of my favorite fandom versions of "I'll Make a Man out of You" from Mulan. For all my German peeps: you can watch these if you go via But most of them are actually not cockGEMA blocked yet.

Harry Potter (this one is srsly awesome):

The Avengers:

Les Miserables (warning: since it's Les Mis, this gets very could you do this my soul is dead... in the end):

Lord of the Rings:

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Avatar: Legend of Korra:


Game of Thrones (same warning as the Les Mis one):

Doctor Who (Rory-centric, because I love Rory):

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I wanted to go to a Zombie walk with my bb tomorrow. It would have been a long car drive, but what the hell. We would have had so much fun. She's awesome with special effects makeup.

And then, today, I twisted my back trying to shift a crate of books. I'm treating it with warmth and pain killers, but going grocery shopping for half an hour with the husband made me realize that no way I can do that. When we got home my whole back was hurting and seized up.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

This is the first time this sort of thing has happened. I've been very very careful about lifting stuff since getting those back problems two years ago. And it has to happen TODAY of all days.
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Yesterday was my first ren fair of the season. Not as a re-enactor - we don't do that any more because time constraints, and our group fell apart spectacularly - but as a visitor, though still in period dress. Or rather, viking dress. It was a lot of fun. We were an all-women troupe since our men didn't want to go along, and had a good time listening to music, eating yummy food and looking at stuff. Though I came home with a sunburn because stupid me didn't think of taking along sunblocker. Who would have guessed that it would be sunny there when it was overcast here? :P

Two things did make me sadface, though. It used to be that at those fairs, you could buy a lot of handmade and unique jewellery. Well, at least at this one, more than half the things were mass-produced stuff you can get in every store in town. But I did find something awesome! There was a guy who makes jewellery out of coins, mostly by sawing away the parts that aren't "picture bits". I bought a lovely one that shows an amazingly detailed tree. It used to be a coin from Connecticut.

The other was the "princess swords" and "princess shields". You know, pink swords and shields "for girls". Ugh. Seriously. Girls who want swords or shields usually want them because they don't give a shit about how they're "for boys". So that gendering shit is totally unnecessary. I noticed them because there was a little girl looking at the booth with the wooden swords and shields, and the salesman was all "here, we also have these here for princesses!". Can you not.

...but I did get to snuggle with a cute puppy. Cute puppies make up for EVERYTHING.
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New book by Neil Gaiman! Wooot! As usual, it's awesome. Magical and sad and a bit scary, and it sucks you right in. It reminded me a bit of "A Monster Calls".

Review. Might be a bit spoilerish. )In non-book news, I have a new haircut which I love. It's definitely more snazzy, and has a nice androgynous touch to it.

Also, Season finale of Hannibal soon. I'm pretty sure I'll go into some kind of catatonic state, induced by too many painful fangirl feels. Probably worse then the SPN finale, or "The Rains of Castamere". Seriously, this show has me wailing and ranting and screaming at the screen like whoa. Still in love with the fandom, too. So far, the level of wank has been quite low, and mostly confined to the margins where the movie/book fans gripe because it's fucking with the canon a bit. WHATEVERRRRR, it's good. And I've never been one of those canon snobs anyway.


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