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This time: crime and punishment. Though the punishmet is more on the side of the viewer.

So I've started to watch a new crime/serial killer show, "The Following". I just can't resist a good serial killer story. And this one sounded really interesting - an ex-literature professor whose killings were inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and who has built a cult around himself and the premise of Poe as an inspiration for killing. Oh, and he's using the whole thing as a kind of live-action writing process.

Unfortunately, the premise is the only good thing about this show.

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Controversial post may be controversial, but here goes.

I've read a lot of stuff about Game of Thrones (the TV series as well as the books, which I haven't read yet) and how horribly sexist it is. And then there's the often reblogged "How to be a fan of problematic things" article, which also talks about Game of Thrones.

But there's also another view of the series, one I happen to hold. I think the series has some great female characters, and not just one or two "token strong women". It has women of every shape and size, of every alignment and moral outlook. Some of the women are villains, some are heroes. All of them survive in a wold in which all the cards are stacked against them, and some of them come out with the upper hand.

So yeah, I'm a fan of a problematic thing, and right now I demand for myself the things that those who find the series problematic demand for themselves: that you listen to and acknowledge my point of view, and not badger me endlessly about how I JUST HAVE TO hate the series and how it is TOTALLY sexist etc. Because you know, this thing goes both ways.

All prompted by this imho wonderful article:

WTF, Glee

Dec. 2nd, 2011 12:50 pm
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You know, I used to love Glee. And I still love it for the awesome that it was, and for the good music (though there's been less of that as of late). But I just watched episode 7 of the new season, and I am left sitting here with a feeling I just watched a trainwreck. Only with music instead of screaming.

Seriously, what the hell??? What the hell did I just watch?

Oh, yeah, right. I watched 40 minutes of those poor crazy women having to have their problems solved by the dudes. I just watched a lesbian girl being forcibly outed against her wishes by the people who say they are her friends, and it being portrayed as a good thing. The culmination of which was a (well done, not arguing with that) performance of "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry, a song that is pretty much the epitome of "doing lesbian things to titillate the boys". The only good thing about the episode was Beiste, everything else was just...

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So I'll just give some bullet points for the last few eps.

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I'm having the urge to do a re-watch of all the seasons of MillenniuM. It's my favorite TV show, and IMHO the best thing ever produced for television. Yes, better than HBO. The basic premise is what initially drew me in - a profiler hunting down serial killers by getting into their brains, seeing what they see. While it started out with a basically "normal" crime show premise, over time, it developed into something that was a lot more. It had an overarching conspiracy plot, and supernatural elements that were woven into the story in an way remeniscient of magical realism. Basically, the supernatural snuck up on you, and you believed it, because it was just done so slowly, and so well. Also, it has some great visuals and haunting music (Title theme).

But that's not why it has stuck with me for more than 15 years, despite never having many reruns on TV. What struck me was the storytelling. The show dealt with some really dark themes, from the twisted minds of psychopaths to hate, revenge and abuse. But it always did so in a very sensitive, sympathetic manner. It treated its themes with the respect they deserve. It neve played the really bad things for cheap thrills, never did the "oh see what horrible thing we can come up with now!" that a lot of other crime shows often succumb to. And for all the darkness, there was always an element of hope. There were episodes that were genuinely uplifting, and there was never a question that in the end, there is goodness even in a world that seems to be sinking into despair and horror.

For me, the show has always been a kind of emotional catharsis - it pulls you down, but it also lifts you up again.


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