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...even though he was an editor on it. Or maybe he just really really hates and really really doesn't get the character of Adrian Veidt.

A spoilerish essay by a disgruntled fan )
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So husband and I were in Enschede to buy some stuff and watch Dredd (which btw is pretty boring, imho).

While I was buying a drink, husband discovered something that made both of us go OMG WTF IS THIS SHIT.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you A SHITTON OF BLACKFACE. In a kid's movie. Seriously, how can ANYONE think this is all right? If you want black people in your movie, then CAST motherfucking black people. But don't make a racist mockery out of it.

Here, have a look at that douchebaggery.

Yay quaint racism!

And please don't tell me how that is tradition and actually harmless and blahblah. Germans do that kind of thing, too, what with kids dressing up as the three wise men and one of them doing blackface because they're being Balthasar. I think it's iffy in that case, too, but doing it in a fucking movie is just NO. And IDC about your tradition if it's offensive to other people.

Edit: also, because it just came up while ranting with one of my bbs: it must feel really great, being a black person in the Netherlands and Germany. You get harassed, hunted and even killed by racists and neonazis, but oh, when a white person dresses up in blackface everyone is all "oh isn't that just darling" and then they go on giving money for hunger relief in Africa. Because that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy, helping the poor black children. But don't those darkies dare come over here! That is just so fucked up.
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Please, please, do the right thing and DON'T do the full version of the blackout. DO NOT not buy a single book, song, movie ticket or game for a whole month. Boycott the companies supporting the bills all you want, but by doing a blanket boycott, you are doing more harm than good.

I work in a small, independent bookshop. We specialize in nursing and medical textbooks, and we make most of our sales through mail order. Our competitor? AMAZON. Yes, that is who we are up against, and it's a constant struggle.

For big businesses like for example Elsevier (a publishing house supporting SOPA), a big dent in profits for the month of March will be noticed, but it will not give them too much worries. For small publishing houses, bookshops etc? A big dent in profits for the month of March can spell doom. It can even bring a business to its knees. I'm pretty sure it's the same for small, independent recording houses, filmmakers etc.

So please continue to buy books, music and movies. Support those companies that are against SOPA/PIPA. You can find a list of them here:
If you are doing the boycott, do it wisely, and boycott only those companies that support the bills.

BE SMART, people. Don't blindly shoot without knowing who you're hitting, and why you're even shooting.


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