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Kind of going back to the discussion about "YA isn't proper literature, adults should be reading ADULT litererature", I goddamn hate this quote from tumblr:

Because urgh, "high concept". Yes, PD is horror, which is one of the most looked-down-upon genres there is. It's also one of the most clever genres. Yes, it has its stinkers, but so does every genre. Anyway.

PD's writers aren't just clever for their (fucking blatantly obvious) Shakespeare references. There's a lot of stuff hidden in there once you look past the "gory amazing ridiculousness". There's the question of how far are you willing to go to achieve your goals. There's the question of responsibility for your actions. There's the whole theme of redemption. There's the question of where does humanity begin, and where does it end.

And the literary references for sure don't end with Shakespeare. I'm wondering if that person has ever read "Frankenstein". That book is considered a classic not just for being one of the foundations of a whole genre, but also because it touches on some very deep and important themes on what it means to be human, the fear of what is different and how revenge is more destructive than anything else. And PD follows that course with its interpretation of Frankenstein. Then we have Dorian Gray, with its themes of hedonism, dupicity and narcissism. I'm pretty damn sure that Caliban is also a reference to "The Phantom of the Opera".

Just because something is shocking and bloody doesn't mean it's not deep. I thought we all knew that after Hannibal hit the screens.
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So all this wank over "how dare you make a gay character" (who is never said to be gay in canon) "straight/bi/pan/asexual/etc in your fic, that is QUEER ERASURE" (by which I mean gay erasure but hey gay is the only queer that counts) has got me thinking. And this thinking has led me to play the tiniest violin for those people even more than before. Because you know what, dear shrieking crowd? 

You may get erased in fanfic. Us non-monosexuals - bi and pan - get erased in canon.

Here, I'll give you two examples.

Example one: Willow from Buffy the Vampire slayer. Willow was once in a relationship with a guy, and then she was in a relationship with a girl. Wonderful example for a possibly canon bi character, right? Only that the show's writers then decided that it would be so much better to have her say that she's a lesbian now. Now, don't get me wrong. Sexuality can change, and everyone has the right to identify as whatever they want.

That doesn't change the fact that the writers took what was a wonderful non-monosexual character and turned her into a monosexual one. In canon. Other  examples of this same thing would be Brittany and Santana from Glee. I've read some arguments about "but can't you see that we're upset because you take this wonderful, multi-faceted, amazing gay character away from us when we get so little of those". Well, hey, guess who gets even less? *points to self* Yup. Non-monosexuals. So why the fuck are you up in arms about someone writing a possibly gay character as bi- or pansexual? If you really care about representation, you should be aware of how we get fucked over even more often than you. In canon.

Like with Captain Jack Harkness. He was an amazing actually pansexual character. The only one I can remember ever seeing in mainstream media. Aaaand then the writers, silently and stealthily but still noticably, turned him gay. Gee, thanks for that. Thanks for taking the only character whom I canonically shared my sexuality with and turning him into something else. There goes my representation. Bisexuals gets some representation, but it's mostly negative, because everyone knows that someone who is attracted to both sexes is a huge slut.

And asexuals? Get pretty much the same amount of representation as pansexuals do. Read, zero. Nada. Zilch. None. But still, the wankers are up in arms if you dare turn a character into an asexual in fic.

Bunch of hypocrites. You don't give a fuck about actual queer representation. You give a fuck about gay and lesbian representation, and I can't help but think that this is because you look down on other queer sexualities. It's not unheard of. Actually, it's quite heard of that bi, pan and asexual people aren't welcome in queer "safe spaces" if they bring their opposite-gender partner along. Because if you are with an opposite-gender person, you are clearly not queer enough. You're probably straight and only doing the whole bi/pansexuality thing for attention.

And I've seen this kind of thing happen in several fandoms. Whine whine bitch REPRESENTATION but not for you you weirdos, you don't count and we don't give a shit about you.

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And the drama with the ex-house continues. Now they're bitching because husband put a new wooden ceiling into the bathroom. I repeat, he PUT. IN. A. NEW. WOODEN. CEILING. Because the old one was, quite frankly, fugly and oooold, and back when we moved in, we got the OK for it. Now it's all omg how could you you should have taken that down we wanted everything the way it was.

You know what, OK. You wanted everything the way it was? Then we'll go over there and remove the tiles from the bathroom walls. We're going to shoddily glue on the tiles from the windowsill and laugh when they come down. We'll remove all the wallpaper and put back the four layers of fugliness that used to be on the walls before we busted our asses renovating that place. You want your old baseboards back because they match the hardwood floor? Gladly. At least we won't have to put any holes in them because they already got more holes than swiss cheese.

20 bucks say that they'll blame the crumbling walls on us, too. Or the fact that the plywood! walls are kind of warped. You rented us a crumbling mess. We did the best we could to make it livable.

Cut for fandom talk. Or, why I love the Hannibal fandom. )
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Taking a break from NaNo to bring you some RAGE.

So I was eating my eggy in a basket and watching TV. And then, the teaser for a new "scripted reality" (you know, the shit they want to sell you as TEH TROOTH but which is in fact doctored like Frankenstein's Monster) program came on.

"Please help me!" - the afternoon entertainment show that deals with such wonderful topics as alcoholism, bullying, eating disorders and depression. Basically, someone has a problem, and they call in an "expert" (and yeah, those scare quotes are entirely approprite) to deal with the problem.

And that is where I lost my shit. Seriously, it's bad enough that we have shit like Supernanny. And now they're turning serious emotional and psychological issues into entertainment.

Let me say that again to make it absolutely clear:
They're turning serious emotional and psychological issues into entertainment

Dear program directors of VOX: Go fuck yourselves. Go play in traffic. Take a long walk off a short pier. FUCK OFF AND DIE.

I guess I'm not just speaking for myself when I say: I am not your entertainment. I am not your freakshow. My very real problems, my suffering and my drama are not yours to take and make a quick buck with.

Jesus tittyfucking Christ, it's not as if we had to deal with enough misinformation and prejudice already. And now they're going to add a new load of bullshit to it by making it look as if trauma can be healed in an hour. As if depression is something you can overcome between ad breaks. Oh, sure, somewhere in there they are going to mention that it took weeks. Maybe they'll even mention that it needs constant vigilance and work. But you know what, that is NOT what people will hear. They will hear "oh, these things can be treated and made to go away in no time at all! Just call in some wannabe TV expert and all your problems will be solved!"

It's arleady hard enough to make "normals" realize just how difficult it is for us crazies. It's hard enough to make people see that this isn't something you can just wish away with a bit of positive thinking and healthy eating.

And they're so-called "expert" isn't even a trained psychiatrist.

So thanks, you fuckers. Thanks for making my life even more difficult than it has to be. I don't believe in hell, but I still hope you rot in it.

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So husband and I were in Enschede to buy some stuff and watch Dredd (which btw is pretty boring, imho).

While I was buying a drink, husband discovered something that made both of us go OMG WTF IS THIS SHIT.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you A SHITTON OF BLACKFACE. In a kid's movie. Seriously, how can ANYONE think this is all right? If you want black people in your movie, then CAST motherfucking black people. But don't make a racist mockery out of it.

Here, have a look at that douchebaggery.

Yay quaint racism!

And please don't tell me how that is tradition and actually harmless and blahblah. Germans do that kind of thing, too, what with kids dressing up as the three wise men and one of them doing blackface because they're being Balthasar. I think it's iffy in that case, too, but doing it in a fucking movie is just NO. And IDC about your tradition if it's offensive to other people.

Edit: also, because it just came up while ranting with one of my bbs: it must feel really great, being a black person in the Netherlands and Germany. You get harassed, hunted and even killed by racists and neonazis, but oh, when a white person dresses up in blackface everyone is all "oh isn't that just darling" and then they go on giving money for hunger relief in Africa. Because that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy, helping the poor black children. But don't those darkies dare come over here! That is just so fucked up.
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The time where I have a screaming fit over the newest edition of "Before Watchmen: Ozymandias"! And what a fit it is. This comic is vile. And I'm going to tell you exactly why I think so beneath the cut. But first, something for my bb rocks_not_dead: the only redeeming feature about this was IT HAD MOTHMAN IN IT AND HE WAS ANGSTY AND AWESOME. Also, if you squint, they supported our ship! Well ok two woman rowboat from cracksville. But still. :P

And now I be hatin'.
Why this has crossed the line from bad to vile )
In short: Dear Mr. Wein. Go fuck yourself. With a cactus.
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So the husband and I live in this nice house in a nice quiet neighborhood. And I really like the house, but I am beginning to fucking LOATHE our neighbors.

Rant. With macros. )
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I seem to be in rant mode. Anyway, this is another one about animal welfare. Or rather, this is a rant about the pox that blights the movement, also known as PETA. Who would be more aptly named "PBID", as in People Being Insensitive Dickfaces.

So PETA have a new ad for going vegan. I'll give you the link, but I'll put a trigger warning on it, because it is triggering for rape and domestic abuse. Yeah, they went there. They used rape and domestic abuse to further their agenda of veganism. And not in a sensitive way, but then, this is PETA, the people famous for comparing Concentration Camps to chicken farms.

Seriously, what is wrong with these people? They're like the 4chan of the animal welfare world. They're a bunch of dudebros who seem to care less about actually accomplishing something and more about being all edgy and shocking. They seem to think that this is lulzy. Newsflash, it's not. Domestic abuse is not something you throw into your ad about going vegan because you think it's fucking funny. "Hurhur he's such a stud he banged her hard enough she has to wear a neck brace".


And I don't care if theirs is a "noble cause". Intent is not magic. Being a champion for animal rights does not make it OK to use the daily suffering of hundreds of women for your own agenda.

Dear PETA:

...and here's the ad.
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So I just watched a documentary called Project Nim. It's about a project that started in the early 70s - a psychology professor wanted to know if chimps could learn human language (as in, signing), so he took a baby chimp from his mother and gave it to one of his former students, who raised him like a human child. The chimp, Nim, got passed from one caretaker to the other, didn't see another chimp for years, and guess what, the poor animal was severely traumatized and maladjusted.

And I want to slap pretty much all the people involved in that project around the head and yell at them if they didn't use their brains to actually THINK for a second. The only people who actually gave a shit about Nim? A research assistant at the facility where Nim was born and spent some years as an adult, and the director of a medical research facility where Nim was experimented on. Yes. A guy doing animal tests was one of the few who actually gave a shit.

They didn't have one singly zoologist on the project. No one actually had a clue about chimpanzees, what they need, what they are. No one. Fucking no one.

What they had were a bunch of psychologists and linguists who didn't even care enough to read up on the subject. Who all came with their own assumptions and big pipe dreams of glory and fame and hoisted them on poor Nim. And then were surprised when Nim behaved like a chimp. And hurt them.

What a bunch of assholes. Seriously. And what did they get from it? Fucking nothing. Nim suffered for nothing. Not a bit of actually usable data was won. They fucked up his life for nothing. And yes, Nim had a life. Newsflash, great apes have personality, they have feelings, they have thoughts, a sense of self... they have everything a five-year-old child has.

I have nothing against research. Of course not, I'm a scientist! But if you do your research on animals, you better make sure that you are doing the least harm possible. And those people, they just... fucked around with no plan. And fucked up the psyche of a sensitive, almost-human being with it. All they cared about were their own feelings, their own narcissistic ideas.

Stuff like this makes me angry. Mostly because I think that we owe a bit of respect and compassion towards the animals we use for our purposes. And don't just go "oh, this would be cool" and then abuse them.
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The girl with the dragon tattoo in under 5 minutes

It's a very good article, imho, especially since it points out all that is wrong with the story.

I admit to really not liking the movie. OK, so I saw the Swedish version, but well, I had problems with the story, which apparently stayed exactly the same.

While I do approve of the brutal revenge on the rapist, I absolutely do not approve of how apparently, in this movie, if you're a woman? Yeah, you're going to get raped. Mostly because I don't approve of the "rape as drama" trope, which this movie uses ad nauseam. Want to add a dramatic backstory to your female character? Have her raped! Because according to those writers, rape is the worst thing that can happen to a woman, and the only thing that is really dramatic. Sigh. (Also, yes, I am fully aware of the irony of using a Game of Thrones icon on this post)

Rape is horrible. But there are other horrible things out there. Like having your family killed in front of your eyes, which is the usual trope for male characters. See where I'm heading with this? IMHO, the "rape as drama" trope is tied to some icky assumptions about gender, mainly that the worst you can do to a woman is take away her purity (note: I know that this is not what rape is or feels like, but this is how it is most often presented in the context of media - the victim is now a "soiled" and "broken" woman). Strangely enough, "rape as drama" is very very rarely used with a male character. Probably because of the "real men don't get raped" trope. More icky assumptions about gender.

And then there's the whole thing about oh, she just got brutally raped, but a few days later she's banging our hot male lead even though she has a girlfriend. Sorry, but this has "terrible authorial wish fulfillment" written all over it. It's, to use that word again, icky. If you absolutely have to use rape as a point of drama, please do it realistically. Do some survivors of sexual violence continue to have a normal sex life immediately afterwards? Probably. Most of them don't, though.

And then there's the backstory about why the author of the books wrote them, and that thing pushes it from "bad writing" into "kind of skeevy" territory, if you ask me. If you want to make penance for not helping the real-life rape victim, there are far better ways to do this than write wish-fulfillment novels while using her actual name. And then having her bang your author self-insert. SKEEEEEEVY, dude.

So, yeah. I know a lot of people love these movies/books and think they're great and pro-feminist, but I happen to disagree.
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Inspired by a fandomsecret and one of the comments it got.

It seems that there are people out there who think that, at 33, I am too old for fandom. That I should be more mature than that. That I should have "a life" (I thought I did? Did it fall behind the couch again??) and no longer be interested in writing fanfic. Especially not porny fanfic.

This is my reply to those people:

A lot of times, that opinion comes from people who are actually still teenagers or in their early 20s themselves, and who seem to have this really weird idea about what adult life looks like. I have no idea where they got that, but let's just blame their parents and the media :P. They seem to think that adult life is all about CLEANING ALL THE THINGS and PAYING ALL THE BILLS and that adults either have no need for fun times, or that they all derive all the fun times they need from their jobs, or from mooching off in front of the TV or cleaning their car or whatever they see their parents doing in their free time.

My dears, you are wrong. So, so wrong. Us adults are just as varied as you teens are in our interests. We are also just as interested in porn, just fyi. We're the ones who got the porn industry started. Not you. Think about that for a moment.

I think this idea that having fun, enjoying stories and storytelling, and just generally being goofy is something that you should grow out of at some point is really, really sad. Yes, life is SRS BZNS. But it's precisely because of that that we need some fun now and then. We need some escapism, some enjoyment and some lulz. And fandom provides that. It provides oh so much of that.

Having an imagination is not "for kids". Having an imagination is FOR HUMANS. Playing is not "for kids", it is something humans DO, all of their lives. Playing, having an open mind, imagining and learning from cradle to grave is one of the things that makes humans special. Most other animals actually DO stop playing at some point (notable exceptions being great apes and some domesticated species like dogs). Humans don't, and it's why we keep learning and improving.

So stop dissing fun and playtime because it's "not mature". And stop trying to dictate to others just how they should be playing and having fun, because that is none of your business. If someone has fun washing their car or watching a game on Sundays, that is just as legit as me having fun writing fanfic on Sundays. None of it is superior.

PS: another reason I can think of for this "ewww old ppl get out of fandom" is that teens want and need a space that is just for them, where they don't feel watched and judged by adults. Well, dears, I might be watching you (if you write good fic and/or are cool), but I'm not judging. Or telling you what to do. Because in fandom, we're all equals. We're here to have fun, so let's just have at it, OK?
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Because I was watching part of a movie adaptation of "Mother Hulda" while eating breakfast...

A lot of fairy tales have the theme of the protagonist being treated badly by their (step)family or society. If the protagonist is male, they will leave home, go on an adventure, do some amazing things, and when they get home, people respect them. If the protagonist is female, she will take the abuse, continue to slave away for the people dishing it out, all while being obedient and nice (and not like those lazy, willful girls around her), and in the end, she will be rewarded for that.

Is anyone else disturbed by the messages this sends? Does anyone else notice how this mirrors how a lot of girls are still brought up - always be nice, always smile, always do what you are told - which then leads to massive problems for them in life?

When I have a kid, I'm going to genderbend some fairy tales, because I do not want my child to grow up with the idea that to be rewarded, a woman has to be nice and obedient and never step out of line. It's bullshit, and it's dangerous bullshit. I can't find the link right now, but there was an interesting article about how women are still brought up to never hurt anyone's feelings, even if they risk getting hurt in the process. How we are brought up to smile at the guy making unwanted advances instead of telling him straight out to shove off.

If a woman is treated badly, she has the same right to draw a line, shout "no!" and walk off that a man has. And unlike in the fairy tale world, in the real world, being nice to your abusers and doing what you are told will not get you rewarded. It will get you hurt even more. This thing about "be nice and you will get your reward (and a man, can't forget about the man) in the end" is a lie propagated by a sexist society that wants to keep women down. And if you're going "dude, that's some feminist fightin' words there", yes they are. Passivity is not a virtue, regardless of what the old stories might say.

Back to the topic of fairy tales, one of the few that don't fall into that trap of passive women and active men is Hansel and Gretel, which ends in Gretel being the one saving the day.


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