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So all this wank over "how dare you make a gay character" (who is never said to be gay in canon) "straight/bi/pan/asexual/etc in your fic, that is QUEER ERASURE" (by which I mean gay erasure but hey gay is the only queer that counts) has got me thinking. And this thinking has led me to play the tiniest violin for those people even more than before. Because you know what, dear shrieking crowd? 

You may get erased in fanfic. Us non-monosexuals - bi and pan - get erased in canon.

Here, I'll give you two examples.

Example one: Willow from Buffy the Vampire slayer. Willow was once in a relationship with a guy, and then she was in a relationship with a girl. Wonderful example for a possibly canon bi character, right? Only that the show's writers then decided that it would be so much better to have her say that she's a lesbian now. Now, don't get me wrong. Sexuality can change, and everyone has the right to identify as whatever they want.

That doesn't change the fact that the writers took what was a wonderful non-monosexual character and turned her into a monosexual one. In canon. Other  examples of this same thing would be Brittany and Santana from Glee. I've read some arguments about "but can't you see that we're upset because you take this wonderful, multi-faceted, amazing gay character away from us when we get so little of those". Well, hey, guess who gets even less? *points to self* Yup. Non-monosexuals. So why the fuck are you up in arms about someone writing a possibly gay character as bi- or pansexual? If you really care about representation, you should be aware of how we get fucked over even more often than you. In canon.

Like with Captain Jack Harkness. He was an amazing actually pansexual character. The only one I can remember ever seeing in mainstream media. Aaaand then the writers, silently and stealthily but still noticably, turned him gay. Gee, thanks for that. Thanks for taking the only character whom I canonically shared my sexuality with and turning him into something else. There goes my representation. Bisexuals gets some representation, but it's mostly negative, because everyone knows that someone who is attracted to both sexes is a huge slut.

And asexuals? Get pretty much the same amount of representation as pansexuals do. Read, zero. Nada. Zilch. None. But still, the wankers are up in arms if you dare turn a character into an asexual in fic.

Bunch of hypocrites. You don't give a fuck about actual queer representation. You give a fuck about gay and lesbian representation, and I can't help but think that this is because you look down on other queer sexualities. It's not unheard of. Actually, it's quite heard of that bi, pan and asexual people aren't welcome in queer "safe spaces" if they bring their opposite-gender partner along. Because if you are with an opposite-gender person, you are clearly not queer enough. You're probably straight and only doing the whole bi/pansexuality thing for attention.

And I've seen this kind of thing happen in several fandoms. Whine whine bitch REPRESENTATION but not for you you weirdos, you don't count and we don't give a shit about you.

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This is a crosspost from my tumblr. I want to keep it because reasons.

Background for those interested: there's a huuuuuge wankfest/shipwar going on because some people dare ship Enjolras with Eponine. Now this is a total crack pairing, but hey, whatever floats your ship, right? Only that some angry SJWankers and Enjolras/Grantaire shippers took this as an opportunity to cry out "omg queer erasure!!!". I think you all know my opinion on that kind of thing. But yeah. Getting all worked up about "how dare you take this canonically queer character away from us". Which btw is not true because HUGO SAYS NOTHING ABOUT ENJOLRAS' SEXUALITY OK? Not. one. word. Besides "he don't have time for that shit, he busy with revolution".

And now for my post, which explains why this makes me SO. FUCKING. ANGRY.

My two cents on the whole  )
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Discrimination may be written in some holy book or other, but that doesn't make it right. Your religion is your personal choice, and hatred certainly ain't mine.


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