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One of my boos sent me a load of imps while I was in Florida. You know what this means. REVIEW TIME.

In the bottle: this is a very light scent. As in, the notes are so subtle you can hardly smell them. A bit of incense, but mostly flowers. Lily is prominent, and it smells fresh and green. It reminds me of a flowering tree.

Wet: the green, woody notes come out more. Juniper, with a bit of incense underneath. It's still very light. Something for the days where you just want a hint of perfume on you.

Drydown: wow, this is sweet! No, really. It smells sweet. Very yummy. Flowers and just a tiny hint of incense. It goes a bit powdery on me (most things do) but I don't mind because I like that. Overall, the scent reminds me a bit of Scales of Deprivation. Not because of the notes necissarily, but because of the light, fresh, wispy feel of it.
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@rocks_not_dead: yeah, I went there. I put on King Haggard. Somehow, today, I am feeling like it.

OK. So thins scent? It smells like war. Medieval warfare. Burnt wood, metal, gunpowder. It's dark and bitter and kind of evil, but also strong. Which is why I felt like wearing it. Today, I want to smell like the Goddess of War :P but not for bad reasons.

Anyway. On to the review.

In the bottle: sharp and somehow metallic, even though metal is not one of the notes. Old, charred wood. A hint of gunpowder and ashes. It smells like a cannon.

Wet: the ashes come out more strongly, and now it smells like a fire that has just burned down. It has a strange sort of wet freshness to it, giving me mental images of ren-fair camps in the early morning, when all the fires have burned down hours ago, and there's this mingled aroma of charred wood, nighttime air and dew.

Drydown: the balsam note is coming out. Now it smells like a cathedral. No, really. Old stone, lingering incense, wood and metal. But with a hint of gunpowder, still.

All in all, it's a very interesting scent that gives me some sharp visuals. It's certainly not something for every day, but I think I am going to keep it even if it's a bit scary and dark. Sometimes, you need scary and dark. In that, it reminds me of the Ninth Cage, also from the TLU series, which is similar - wood and metal and age. Only this one has more ashes, fire and war about it.


Jan. 1st, 2012 02:48 pm
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So one of my not-exactly-New-Year's resolutions is that I want to not just read more books again, but also review them. Lately, I've started to notice that most of the books I read have come to me by way of recommendation by someone I know, so I guess I'm trying to give back. Also, I know I have a lot of bibliophiles on my f-list who might be looking for the next book to read. So, here are the first two book reviews, followed by a perfume review ;).

The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan )

Abarat: Absolute Midnight )

BPAL - The Lady Amalthea )
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First review of the new batch! As well as the imps from the TLU series, I got a few imps from [personal profile] rocks_not_dead :D. So there will be reviews! I already tried a few, but didn't get around to reviewing them. So they'll get reviewed the second time around. I already know that I've found two new favorites - Follow Me Boy and The Lady Amalthea.

But now, on to the proper review!

Imp: this smells fresh and green. It also smells of vegetables and greenery, and I got this mental image of a farmer's market :).

Wet: fresh, sharp and green. Tomato leaves and sliced cucumber. This is a very energetic and energizing smell. Good for days where you need a bit of a kick. The associations I get are early summer, sunshine and vegetable gardens.

Drydown:, this goes through a lot of changes. After a while, the soil starts to come through, and it smells more earthy. But it still smells fresh and green, too. After a few hours, though, it's morphed to something totally different. Now, the patchouli note that's in the description comes through, and starts to dominate. Can't say I don't like it, though. It's gone from fresh, sharp and green to something earthy, dark and soft. Weiiiiird but good ;).
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So on Friday, the man and I went to see Captain America. And I loved it. Loved. The casting is really great, at least for the main characters. The story is handled really well, too. But beware, it does change the comic canon, so if you're a canon nazi, you'd better buckle up or stay away. But then, as I always say with movies based on the Marvel universe: are you really going to get upset over one little change when your own canon is such a bloody mess? You must be insane.

Also, Steve/Howard FTW.

As for actual comic books, I've been reading the "The Death of Captain America" series, and yeah, me likes. Even if I didn't get some things at first. Hey, I haven't really read all that many comics, not compared to some people - I haven't got the money - but I think I'm pretty much on top of most of it, thanks to dabbling here and there and reading wikipedia inbetween ;).

And then there was Old Man Logan. Which is so epic. OK, so it runs on cool and awesome and not sense, but who wants sense if they can have dinosaurs? Basically, the premise is that the supervillains have won, almost all the heroes are dead except Wolverine and a few others, but Wolverine has become a pacifist. For now. And then, cool shit happens...

And now, a bpal review! Today's perfume was "Eros". Wink wink nudge nudge.

In the bottle, this is sweet, slightly fruity, and with a hint of incense and/or spice. I really can't decide.

Wet, the sweetness comes out as honey. Overall, it kind of reminded me of mulled wine. Sweet, slightly fruity and spicy. I makes me want to grab a bottle of mulsum, only I don't have any :P.

On drydown, it starts reminding me of Engine No.93. Everything fades away slowly, leaving only the sweet note of honey lingering on. It's very yummy, although not quite as good as the engine.


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