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The novel stands at 50.078 words, and still has two big scenes to be written before the first bit of editing can begin.

But today I'm going to bask in the glory of that badge up there.

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45.125 words. I wrote 1.600 words today. AFTER WORK. Yeah, I feel pretty good about myself right now. And fuck being humble, I'm officially showing off.

(Normal commenting service shall resume when my brain isn't all splat from work and my other work)

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Stats under the cut ;) )
I'm trying a new approach this time. Instead of writing from start to finish, I'm doing some important scenes, things I already have mapped in my head, first. Pretty much in random order. I have the beginning, I have the end, now I'm doing some points inbetween. And then I'll play connect the dots. Put some flesh on the bones. I'm hoping that this will keep me from losing steam too early in the game. And I kind of like first person POV. It's great for rambling, heh.

Also, I've been happy the last two days. Really, genuinely happy. I haven't felt this way in a long time. Part of it is being on vacation and being able to de-stress, but a lot of it is also down to me writing. Because writing makes me happy. Sure, sometimes, when I have a block or don't know how to go on with the story, it's frustrating. But overall, it's the one thing that gives me balance. It makes me feel alive, healthy, myself.

I'm immensely relieved, too. See, I was afraid that due to being on meds, my creativity would die. That it would vanish along with my episodes. And for some time, that really seemed to be the case. I haven't written anything much in months. But it didn't die. It's still here, and it doesn't need extreme moods to surface. What it does need, though, is energy. And well, first there was school, then there was the breakdown, and then I had so much fucking stress at work that I was basically dead inside. There wasn't enough energy left for this kind of self-care. For me, just doing normal shit is really hard at times. Turn up the heat, and I'm burning mental, emotional and physical energy at the rate a hummingbird burns sugar.

It feels so good to finally feel like myself again.

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I'm sad about not being able to do NaNo this year. And feeling kind of faily for it, because I did manage to do it while having a job that actually had more hours than the one I have now. But then, for reasons I have some tentative clues about, 41 hours at the museum weren't half as mentally and emotionally exhausting as 37,5 hours at the book shop. And I didn't have a correnspondence course. Also, my mental health was better. Why yes, I am never out of excuses.

Still, it sucks. I love NaNo. It makes me feel alive. I feel best when I'm writing.

Well, I fully intend to at least start an original project this month (hooray, it's not like I have two and a half abandoned ones lying around :P). I need to get back into writing original stuff.

It's going to be steampunk. With airships. And possibly love triangles. And revolutions.

Also, I bought a book on writing horror. It sounded interesting.


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