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Kind of going back to the discussion about "YA isn't proper literature, adults should be reading ADULT litererature", I goddamn hate this quote from tumblr:

Because urgh, "high concept". Yes, PD is horror, which is one of the most looked-down-upon genres there is. It's also one of the most clever genres. Yes, it has its stinkers, but so does every genre. Anyway.

PD's writers aren't just clever for their (fucking blatantly obvious) Shakespeare references. There's a lot of stuff hidden in there once you look past the "gory amazing ridiculousness". There's the question of how far are you willing to go to achieve your goals. There's the question of responsibility for your actions. There's the whole theme of redemption. There's the question of where does humanity begin, and where does it end.

And the literary references for sure don't end with Shakespeare. I'm wondering if that person has ever read "Frankenstein". That book is considered a classic not just for being one of the foundations of a whole genre, but also because it touches on some very deep and important themes on what it means to be human, the fear of what is different and how revenge is more destructive than anything else. And PD follows that course with its interpretation of Frankenstein. Then we have Dorian Gray, with its themes of hedonism, dupicity and narcissism. I'm pretty damn sure that Caliban is also a reference to "The Phantom of the Opera".

Just because something is shocking and bloody doesn't mean it's not deep. I thought we all knew that after Hannibal hit the screens.
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Browsing through the tag, I’ve seen people interpret Elsa’s part of the story as a queer coming out story. And while this is a valid interpretation, I have a different one. To me, it’s about mental illness, and how to learn to deal with that, especially from a chronic MI perspective.

Spoilers ahoy!
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oh, and flap my hands. And hyperventilate. OH GOD OH GOD CAN I HAVE IT NOW PLZ.

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Since our original plan of going to an Abney Park concert didn't work out after all, the husband and I decided to go do a bit of window-shopping for kitchens and then drive on to Essen and see Les Mis in the cinema.

See, in Germany, we have this really weird custom about how people take their kitchen along when they move. And I don't mean the fridge or the stove. I mean the whole fucking kitchen, cupboards and all. When you rent somewhere, chances are that there's no kitchen in there. So far, we've managed to move around without having to aquire a kitchen of our own, but our new aparatment will need one. Thus, window-shopping for kitchens, to get some ideas, and see how much it will cost us.

And then, Les Miserables. In the most awesome movie theatre ever. It was one of those really old ones, huge and with a balcony, which we of course were seated on. Because balcony.

Spoilers for Les Mis, as if you didn't know the story anyway )

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...and it was glorious!

Seriously. I wasn't as excited for this one as I was for Avengers, but oh boy am I excited now.

Everything is Batman and nothing hurts. Except for Bruce Wayne's MANPAIN. Oh god the manpain.

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In short, this is me right now, concerning the Batman movie:


Jun. 16th, 2012 10:11 am
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So we've been going to the movies a lot. It's got air conditioning, is fairly cheap when compared with Germany, and also, the husband and I both like to watch movies in the OV, read, English. Because most dubs suck ass.

So far we've seen:

Avengers - yes, again. I can never get enough of that movie.

Madagascar 3 - not as good as the first two. It's funny, but not hilariously so. It's also kind of sappy and predictable, and has too many "look we have 3D" effects.

Snow White and the Huntsman - ugh, disappointment. Kirsten Stewart really has only one facial expression, and it's annoying. The silly accents everyone sports are also annoying. And the story is forgettable. All in all, this could have been a much better movie, but it wasn't. Tho Charlize Theron was awesome.

Prometheus - the best of the new ones. As I said to [personal profile] our_dry_cellar, it's basically a crossover between Watchmen and Berserk, featuring a sociopath robot clone of Adrian Veidt (played by the ever so hot Michael Fassbender) and scenery and monsters right out of the Eclipse. With a bit of spirituality woo thrown in. It's visually stunning, has just the right amount of thrills, and lots of people die in really gruesome ways, mostly brought around by their own stupidity (as per horror movie coda). Go see it, you won't be disappointed.

Next week, we shall go see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Because that one is a must see.
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Ladies - especially Katie - you need to watch this movie:

It's amazing. It's the slightly fictionalized story of the invention of the vibrator, which, if you didn't know, was invented in Victorian London by a medical doctor who sold it as a medical device against hysteria. It features a great cast, and I just loved the character of Lord Edmund St.John-Smythe, who totally went into the collection of "greatest cads in fiction". Mostly because he was kind of portrayed as a RL version of Tony Stark. To give you a quote: "Edmund StJohn-Smythe, bachelor, benefactor, miserable student, sometime drunkard, full time sexual deviant, supreme waster of time and money especially if it has anything to do with the science of electricity!"

Iron Sky

Apr. 6th, 2012 08:22 pm
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I'm once again back in MS for the easter holidays, and enjoying my time with the husband and my comfy bed :).

Today, we went to see "Iron Sky". And omg, this movie is so awesome.

Slight spoilers for NAZIS ON THE MOON )
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The girl with the dragon tattoo in under 5 minutes

It's a very good article, imho, especially since it points out all that is wrong with the story.

I admit to really not liking the movie. OK, so I saw the Swedish version, but well, I had problems with the story, which apparently stayed exactly the same.

While I do approve of the brutal revenge on the rapist, I absolutely do not approve of how apparently, in this movie, if you're a woman? Yeah, you're going to get raped. Mostly because I don't approve of the "rape as drama" trope, which this movie uses ad nauseam. Want to add a dramatic backstory to your female character? Have her raped! Because according to those writers, rape is the worst thing that can happen to a woman, and the only thing that is really dramatic. Sigh. (Also, yes, I am fully aware of the irony of using a Game of Thrones icon on this post)

Rape is horrible. But there are other horrible things out there. Like having your family killed in front of your eyes, which is the usual trope for male characters. See where I'm heading with this? IMHO, the "rape as drama" trope is tied to some icky assumptions about gender, mainly that the worst you can do to a woman is take away her purity (note: I know that this is not what rape is or feels like, but this is how it is most often presented in the context of media - the victim is now a "soiled" and "broken" woman). Strangely enough, "rape as drama" is very very rarely used with a male character. Probably because of the "real men don't get raped" trope. More icky assumptions about gender.

And then there's the whole thing about oh, she just got brutally raped, but a few days later she's banging our hot male lead even though she has a girlfriend. Sorry, but this has "terrible authorial wish fulfillment" written all over it. It's, to use that word again, icky. If you absolutely have to use rape as a point of drama, please do it realistically. Do some survivors of sexual violence continue to have a normal sex life immediately afterwards? Probably. Most of them don't, though.

And then there's the backstory about why the author of the books wrote them, and that thing pushes it from "bad writing" into "kind of skeevy" territory, if you ask me. If you want to make penance for not helping the real-life rape victim, there are far better ways to do this than write wish-fulfillment novels while using her actual name. And then having her bang your author self-insert. SKEEEEEEVY, dude.

So, yeah. I know a lot of people love these movies/books and think they're great and pro-feminist, but I happen to disagree.
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So on Friday, the man and I went to see Captain America. And I loved it. Loved. The casting is really great, at least for the main characters. The story is handled really well, too. But beware, it does change the comic canon, so if you're a canon nazi, you'd better buckle up or stay away. But then, as I always say with movies based on the Marvel universe: are you really going to get upset over one little change when your own canon is such a bloody mess? You must be insane.

Also, Steve/Howard FTW.

As for actual comic books, I've been reading the "The Death of Captain America" series, and yeah, me likes. Even if I didn't get some things at first. Hey, I haven't really read all that many comics, not compared to some people - I haven't got the money - but I think I'm pretty much on top of most of it, thanks to dabbling here and there and reading wikipedia inbetween ;).

And then there was Old Man Logan. Which is so epic. OK, so it runs on cool and awesome and not sense, but who wants sense if they can have dinosaurs? Basically, the premise is that the supervillains have won, almost all the heroes are dead except Wolverine and a few others, but Wolverine has become a pacifist. For now. And then, cool shit happens...

And now, a bpal review! Today's perfume was "Eros". Wink wink nudge nudge.

In the bottle, this is sweet, slightly fruity, and with a hint of incense and/or spice. I really can't decide.

Wet, the sweetness comes out as honey. Overall, it kind of reminded me of mulled wine. Sweet, slightly fruity and spicy. I makes me want to grab a bottle of mulsum, only I don't have any :P.

On drydown, it starts reminding me of Engine No.93. Everything fades away slowly, leaving only the sweet note of honey lingering on. It's very yummy, although not quite as good as the engine.


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