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Apologies to those who see this twice. X-posted from my fic journal [personal profile] sermocinare 

Fandom: Les Miserables
Title: Nothing to regret
Pairings/Characters: Enjolras/Grantaire, most of the other Amis are along for the ride
Rating: R (lol)
Summary: None of this would have happened if Enjolras hadn't gotten drunk with Grantaire, of all people. Then again, maybe it had been a good idea after all.
Warnings: Drunk sex, self-esteem issues
Notes: All of this grew from a friend's prompt of "Enjolras and Graintaire, drunk sex, regrets, 15 minutes late with Starbucks and a happy ending". I love my friends :P.

In the end, it all came down to the fact that Enjolras didn't drink.
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And the drama with the ex-house continues. Now they're bitching because husband put a new wooden ceiling into the bathroom. I repeat, he PUT. IN. A. NEW. WOODEN. CEILING. Because the old one was, quite frankly, fugly and oooold, and back when we moved in, we got the OK for it. Now it's all omg how could you you should have taken that down we wanted everything the way it was.

You know what, OK. You wanted everything the way it was? Then we'll go over there and remove the tiles from the bathroom walls. We're going to shoddily glue on the tiles from the windowsill and laugh when they come down. We'll remove all the wallpaper and put back the four layers of fugliness that used to be on the walls before we busted our asses renovating that place. You want your old baseboards back because they match the hardwood floor? Gladly. At least we won't have to put any holes in them because they already got more holes than swiss cheese.

20 bucks say that they'll blame the crumbling walls on us, too. Or the fact that the plywood! walls are kind of warped. You rented us a crumbling mess. We did the best we could to make it livable.

Cut for fandom talk. Or, why I love the Hannibal fandom. )
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This is a crosspost from my tumblr. I want to keep it because reasons.

Background for those interested: there's a huuuuuge wankfest/shipwar going on because some people dare ship Enjolras with Eponine. Now this is a total crack pairing, but hey, whatever floats your ship, right? Only that some angry SJWankers and Enjolras/Grantaire shippers took this as an opportunity to cry out "omg queer erasure!!!". I think you all know my opinion on that kind of thing. But yeah. Getting all worked up about "how dare you take this canonically queer character away from us". Which btw is not true because HUGO SAYS NOTHING ABOUT ENJOLRAS' SEXUALITY OK? Not. one. word. Besides "he don't have time for that shit, he busy with revolution".

And now for my post, which explains why this makes me SO. FUCKING. ANGRY.

My two cents on the whole  )


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