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The time where I have a screaming fit over the newest edition of "Before Watchmen: Ozymandias"! And what a fit it is. This comic is vile. And I'm going to tell you exactly why I think so beneath the cut. But first, something for my bb rocks_not_dead: the only redeeming feature about this was IT HAD MOTHMAN IN IT AND HE WAS ANGSTY AND AWESOME. Also, if you squint, they supported our ship! Well ok two woman rowboat from cracksville. But still. :P

And now I be hatin'.
Why this has crossed the line from bad to vile )
In short: Dear Mr. Wein. Go fuck yourself. With a cactus.
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But really, this post on tumblr illustrates (yeah, pun intended) another problem I am having with Before Watchmen, the Ozymandias edition. Besides the wrongness of characterization and utter clich├ęd boringness of what I loathe to even call a plot.


Yeah, even the artwork is boring and uninspired, as soon as you take a closer look at it. The only redeeming features are the paneling and the coloring, to an extent.
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For those who don't/didn't know it: I have a tumblr. It's mostly Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Avengers and cast, Stannis Baratheon, Game of Thrones and random zombies and lulz. I rarely post/reblog anything "of stubstance" because frankly, tumblr is my happy place where I go to when I really don't want to deal with that stuff.

And what I really hate is when I browse my dash and all I find is people hating on other people. Avengers fans hating on other Avengers fans for reblogging too much Loki/cast pictures/porn/ships. ASOIAF fans hating on GoT fans. All of this is usually done with an air of superiority that makes me want to puke all over my keyboard. This idea that you are a "better" fan because you have read the "original source". Or because you ship "canon pairings" or "rare pairings", unlike all the other "horrible slash fangirls" who just ship or like stuff for "the pretty". LIKE YOU DON'T DO THAT YOU HYPOCRITICAL ASSWIPES. Seriously, nothing pisses me off more than people who pretend their shit don't smell.

Also, if you don't want all that stuff on your dash? Then just follow people who blog about the same stuff you do! It's not that hard! I managed it, and I'm not particularly tumblr-savvy! So if you are annoyed about how the people you follow reblog too much Loki, UNFOLLOW them. Simple solution is simple. So yes, there's still the problem of a tag you follow containing too much stuff that you don't like, but honestly, what do you expect? That the world cater to YOUR whims? Tough shit, man, it won't. If you want specific pics or fics, well, maybe you shouldn't go looking for them on a website with hundreds of thousands of users that isn't really known for having the most refined search algorithm on the www.

This has been my rant for today. I'm outta here, the pool is calling.


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