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YES! YES! YESSSSSS! Finally, they are resurrecting my favorite Sims expansion EVER! I am pre-ordering that thing on amazon LIKE A BOSS.

Booze! Streaking! Student protests! Note to rocks_not_dead: yes, there will be a game following the amazing exploits of Sim!Byron. Because who else.

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I love Fridays. Because what follows is the weekend. Less work, more play.

The weather was really nice today, and I spent the whole bicycle ride back home coming up with terribly florid metaphors for my surroundings. If I wrote them down, I'm pretty sure people would either think "wow this is awesome" or "wow this person is a complete hipster". Anyway, it inspired me to write, and my still not finished crossover fic now has another scene to it. It's short, but hey, we're getting somewhere again!

Yesterday, I came up with the idea to make a nice detailed spreadsheet to keep track of my moods. I used to do it via, but the problem with that one is that it doesn't keep track of ALL THE THINGS on the form. And I want to keep track of ALL THE THINGS. So I'll devise my own. Which has the added bonus of that I can keep track of things that are specific to me. Or might be.

I bought some retro games recently, and have started playing and breeding Creatures again. I used to spend hours with that game back when I was still living at home, and during my first few years at university. Before I got into the Sims. It's a fun little game, and hey, it was cheap. I also want to re-play all the Ultima RPGs. OK, all of them from IV onwards, because the first three ones are pretty much one long dungeon crawl with hardly and story and really retro (as in, almost nonexistent) graphics. They're still my gold standard for what a computer RPG, or any kind of RPG, should be. Complex story, moral dilemmas and fun times killing things.
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So I have Sims 3 Pets now. I've always loved pets, and this one had me squeeing for weeks now. Why? IT HAS UNICORNS.

After a bit of searching and frustration, I finally found the unicorn. And of course I immediately befriended it.

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