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This episode of Game of Thrones.

This episode of Game of Thrones, people

It had everything I could ever have wished for and some thing I didn't know I wanted but now do want.

And it was written by GRRM himself. All hail the creator! Also GRRM your ships are showing. As is who your real favorites are.

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I just finished "A Storm of Swords" aka ASOIAF Book 3. I have FEELS about this book. All right, mostly about the characters. Don't read past the cut if you don't want to be spoilered. Although one thing I can say above that cut that should be no surprise to anyone: GRR Martin you sodding bastard you will pay for what you did to my poor little FEELS!!!

Here be massive spoilers, capslock and fanspeak. And not much coherence. )
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Today is our first wedding anniversary. One year ago, it was warm, sunny, I was wearing a gorgeous dress and marrying an equally gorgeous man, surrounded by my friends and family. Today, it's raining, it's only 10 fucking degrees C out there, but at least I still have my gorgeous husband ;).

For our anniversary, I got both of us Game of Thrones t-shirts. He got a House Stark one (direwolf head and "Winter is coming", because he actually wears t-shirts in winter, lol), and I got myself a House Baratheon one (antlers and "Our is the fury", because I love Stannis and Renly. It was a tough choice between that and House Greyjoy, though :P).

Why Game of Thrones t-shirts? Because we both love the show, and the books (which I have started reading recently), and being able to geek out over the same things is one of the reasons we are so happily married ;). Also, we watched the last episode of the second season today.

Which I will talk about now.


May. 28th, 2012 12:25 pm
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Ok, so the last episode has left me with some MASSIVE FEELS.
Let me try to articulate them )
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Bad thing about today's work: my lower back started hurting, and now I'm afraid I'll fuck it up again like last time. DNW. This is my punishment for not keeping up with my yoga, ppl.
Good thing about today's work: boss bought ice cream for everyone, since it was super hot outside. This is why I love my work, even though it's literally back-breaking and always goes from "omg so bored nothing to do" to "omg stress everywhere" without much inbetween spaces.

Every time I see an icon community or icon maker be all RAWR about the whole commenting/crediting/altering their icons thing, I feel the need to not credit them. And not comment. And possibly alter.

And now, GoT feels.
Spoilers for The Prince of Winterfell )

...seriously, I still don't know how anyone can say this series is not feminist, with all the awesome female characters it has. So yeah, some stuff is PROBLEMATIC, but I do think that is kind of outweighed by the sheer amount of kickass women.
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OK. First off, a fic rec that has nothing to do with the actual subject of this post, but if you're into Avengers fandom, go and read Head, Heart, Lungs. It's an amazingly good and sweet Tony/Steve/Bruce OT3 fic, and it really sold me on Stark Spangled Banner.

On to the real post, which is kind of the long version of something I posted on my tumblr.

So it's no secret I have a thing for tragic villains. I have a long, long list of them. I'm not sure where it started, but I remember reading Guy Gavriel Kay's "Tigana" when I was 15 and having all these huge FEELS for it's bad guy, Brandin. I do think it was the first time I actually came across a villain who was given the same attention the protagonists of the story got. He was given a characterization beyond "he's evil mkay". He was given motives and reasons, and what's more, those motives and reasons were actually understandable. It didn't make what he did any less horrible, but you knew why he did it. There was a certain degree of empathy given to him. In the end, he was a person. A person with a terrible flaw that led him to do equally terrible things, but a person nonetheless.

And I've been into that kind of character ever since. Like I said, it's a long list, from Brandin, Alex Krychek and Gul Dukat (well, until they fucked it up with the whole Par Wraith thing) to Adrian Veidt, Magneto and Loki. And Theon.

He's a good example of why I like some villains and not others. In the current second season of GoT, Theon has made some really bad decisions and done some equally bad shit. But I don't hate him like I hate Joffrey. Because unlike Joffrey, who is simply a narcissistic, privileged little shit without even a seeming of morals or a conscience, Theon is struggling with what he does. He still does it, and he's still a dick because he does it, but his dickery is fueled by an all-too-human flaw, and not some psychopathy.

Psychopaths... just aren't all that interesting to me. I'm more interested in how good people can go bad, why the best intentions can lead to the worst results, and what pushes a person over the edge and leads them to do things they never thought they could do. And that's why the flawed and tragic villains with a motivation will always be more interesting to me than those who are doing it simply because they can.
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Kind of posting a lot today. Anyway, I need to put down some feels about the latest Game of Thrones episode. Because omg, so many feels. Spoilers!

Episode 4, or OMGWTFBBQ )
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Controversial post may be controversial, but here goes.

I've read a lot of stuff about Game of Thrones (the TV series as well as the books, which I haven't read yet) and how horribly sexist it is. And then there's the often reblogged "How to be a fan of problematic things" article, which also talks about Game of Thrones.

But there's also another view of the series, one I happen to hold. I think the series has some great female characters, and not just one or two "token strong women". It has women of every shape and size, of every alignment and moral outlook. Some of the women are villains, some are heroes. All of them survive in a wold in which all the cards are stacked against them, and some of them come out with the upper hand.

So yeah, I'm a fan of a problematic thing, and right now I demand for myself the things that those who find the series problematic demand for themselves: that you listen to and acknowledge my point of view, and not badger me endlessly about how I JUST HAVE TO hate the series and how it is TOTALLY sexist etc. Because you know, this thing goes both ways.

All prompted by this imho wonderful article:


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