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My desire to write is coming back. Just a low tickle at the back of my mind, but hey, that's something. Also, I've finally come up with an idea on how to make that Berserk/Watchmen crossover work, so there might be some fic forthcoming.

I am going to do NaNoWriMo again this year. I'm taking two weeks of vacation in November, so it should be doable. Even if I don't actually win, I remember that it's always been fun. I'm thinking of writing a horror novel this time.

Last but not least, one of my Avengers fics has reached almost 1200 views and 86 kudos on AO3. Since I come from a small fandom, this makes me feel like

And speaking of fanfic, albeit the horrible kind: 50 Shades of Holy Crap this is Bad has reached Germany. What makes this actually funny instead of horrible is that the book is being sold by a company that is owned in part by... wait for it... THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Yup. The Catholics are selling bad BDSM porn. The snark during lunch breaks at work has been epic, I tell ya. Especially about the part where some of the outlets put little signs with "Company Name is distancing itself from the contents of the book" next to the stack of porn. Yeah, pull the other one, it's got bells on it. If you distance yourself from something, you DO NOT SELL IT.
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Bad thing about today's work: my lower back started hurting, and now I'm afraid I'll fuck it up again like last time. DNW. This is my punishment for not keeping up with my yoga, ppl.
Good thing about today's work: boss bought ice cream for everyone, since it was super hot outside. This is why I love my work, even though it's literally back-breaking and always goes from "omg so bored nothing to do" to "omg stress everywhere" without much inbetween spaces.

Every time I see an icon community or icon maker be all RAWR about the whole commenting/crediting/altering their icons thing, I feel the need to not credit them. And not comment. And possibly alter.

And now, GoT feels.
Spoilers for The Prince of Winterfell )

...seriously, I still don't know how anyone can say this series is not feminist, with all the awesome female characters it has. So yeah, some stuff is PROBLEMATIC, but I do think that is kind of outweighed by the sheer amount of kickass women.
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Please, please, do the right thing and DON'T do the full version of the blackout. DO NOT not buy a single book, song, movie ticket or game for a whole month. Boycott the companies supporting the bills all you want, but by doing a blanket boycott, you are doing more harm than good.

I work in a small, independent bookshop. We specialize in nursing and medical textbooks, and we make most of our sales through mail order. Our competitor? AMAZON. Yes, that is who we are up against, and it's a constant struggle.

For big businesses like for example Elsevier (a publishing house supporting SOPA), a big dent in profits for the month of March will be noticed, but it will not give them too much worries. For small publishing houses, bookshops etc? A big dent in profits for the month of March can spell doom. It can even bring a business to its knees. I'm pretty sure it's the same for small, independent recording houses, filmmakers etc.

So please continue to buy books, music and movies. Support those companies that are against SOPA/PIPA. You can find a list of them here:
If you are doing the boycott, do it wisely, and boycott only those companies that support the bills.

BE SMART, people. Don't blindly shoot without knowing who you're hitting, and why you're even shooting.
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Have a macro. This is my brain on memes.

Also, yesterday at work, I unpacked a crate of books whith a shipping note dated "10.10.11". I'm guessing I have encountered my first real evidence that L-Space really exists, since those books seem to have travelled 3 days back in time...


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