Jan. 27th, 2013 02:23 pm
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Yesterday was my 35th birthday. I am now officially a middle-aged woman (who still refuses to "act her age").

I had a lot of fun, most of it in the evening when I went out for dinner with the husband and a few of my friends. We went to my favorite restaurant, had good food, good drinks and talked and laughed a lot.

Before that, there was the family gathering, which was nice but also stressful. My niece is LOUD. As in Jesus fuck my ears hurt and I shall get tinnitus from this loud. But! I managed to give my three-year-old nephew his first introduction to Iron Man. My parents had gotten me "Iron Man Extremis", so we looked at the more kid-friendly of the pictures, and I explained a few things to him. He now knows that Iron Man is a good guy who has a battery in his chest, rockets underneath his feet and shoots fire from his hands. Score one for the comic book geek aunt! Seriously, I was going all @.@ d'awwww when he was pointing at the pictures and going "this is the good guy" "there's the battery" and "now he's flying" and stuff. I'm going to have to research kid-friendly comics, see what I can get him in three, four year's time :).

The husband got me some books ("An Unquiet Mind", "SuperGods" and "Valentine Grey", the last one because some of it is similar to my novelling project) and the BluRay of The Others, plus some stuff from Lush. My friends got me the Definitive Iron Man collection, a self-made dice bag (with pockets for different kinds of dice!), a zombie plushie from ThinkGeek, and moar Lush stuff. The perfect combination of geeky and girly, hehe.

All in all, it was a wonderful, fun day :).
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It's my birthday! :D

And I'm happy! :D (yes, this is not a given)

Tonight, we're going out to dinner with some friends at our favorite bar/restaurant, the Fegefeuer (purgatory). I am planning to get boozed.

Olly gave me a mini water heater, the prequel mangas to "The Dark Crystal", Peter Beagle's new short story collection and half a dozen nerdy t-shirts from threadless. Four of them are about robots, one is about zombies, and the last one is about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. NERD LOVE.

My co-workers got me the DVD of "The Secret Life of Bees" and "Little Star" by John A. Lindqvist (the guy who wrote Let the Right One In). I'm very much looking forward to reading that, and since I just finished my last book, I think this one will be next :).

boozed!update: this birthday's motto was "t-shirts and unicorns". Got a bottle of TLU perfume from my bb rocks_not_dead, and a t-shirt with a unicorn on it from my bbs with whom we went boozin'. And I drank a drink with the name "traumatized unicorn with rainbow tail which prances across the meadow by sundown". Yes, that is the drink's name. I AM NOT SHITTING YOU.


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