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Apologies to those who see this twice. X-posted from my fic journal [personal profile] sermocinare 

Fandom: Les Miserables
Title: Nothing to regret
Pairings/Characters: Enjolras/Grantaire, most of the other Amis are along for the ride
Rating: R (lol)
Summary: None of this would have happened if Enjolras hadn't gotten drunk with Grantaire, of all people. Then again, maybe it had been a good idea after all.
Warnings: Drunk sex, self-esteem issues
Notes: All of this grew from a friend's prompt of "Enjolras and Graintaire, drunk sex, regrets, 15 minutes late with Starbucks and a happy ending". I love my friends :P.

In the end, it all came down to the fact that Enjolras didn't drink.
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Why the hell are people getting 7-figure deals for REVAMPED TWILIGHT FANFIC???

...oh, yeah, because sadly enough, books about overly submissive, passive women and their stalkerish asshat crushes who disrespect them at every turn are hugely popular AS EVIDENCED BY TWILIGHT ITSELF.

Ok, this is IT. I am going to write that story about the somewhat shy and awkward girl who falls in love with an asshole BUT THEN REALIZES WHAT AN ASSHOLE HE IS AND ENDS UP WITH HER BEST BUDDY BECAUSE HE OR SHE IS AN ALLAROUND NICE PERSON WHO ACTUALLY CARES. It will not earn me any money, but by Cthulhu's tentacles it will make me feel better.

Also, shit, all this time I was writing for the wrong fandom. If I'd written badly revamped Twilight instead of (hopefully good) revamped Watchmen, I'd be a fucking millionaire.

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Stuff Fireez is no longer allowed to do at work )

My desire to write is coming back. Just a low tickle at the back of my mind, but hey, that's something. Also, I've finally come up with an idea on how to make that Berserk/Watchmen crossover work, so there might be some fic forthcoming.

I am going to do NaNoWriMo again this year. I'm taking two weeks of vacation in November, so it should be doable. Even if I don't actually win, I remember that it's always been fun. I'm thinking of writing a horror novel this time.

Last but not least, one of my Avengers fics has reached almost 1200 views and 86 kudos on AO3. Since I come from a small fandom, this makes me feel like

And speaking of fanfic, albeit the horrible kind: 50 Shades of Holy Crap this is Bad has reached Germany. What makes this actually funny instead of horrible is that the book is being sold by a company that is owned in part by... wait for it... THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Yup. The Catholics are selling bad BDSM porn. The snark during lunch breaks at work has been epic, I tell ya. Especially about the part where some of the outlets put little signs with "Company Name is distancing itself from the contents of the book" next to the stack of porn. Yeah, pull the other one, it's got bells on it. If you distance yourself from something, you DO NOT SELL IT.
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Let me introduce you to the other thing besides "Before Watchmen" that made me happy and excited this week:

Avengers Rampant! Or, the one with the unicorn

It's an Avengers (mostly Steve/Tony) fic that really does have everything that makes a good fic. Including unicorns, because we all know that unicorns are one of those things that make other things better. Kind of like zombies. UNICORNS.

It makes me want to write Avengers fic, only that I'll never reach that level of brilliance. Well, whatever, maybe I can aspire to new levels of porn or something :P.
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Inspired by a fandomsecret and one of the comments it got.

It seems that there are people out there who think that, at 33, I am too old for fandom. That I should be more mature than that. That I should have "a life" (I thought I did? Did it fall behind the couch again??) and no longer be interested in writing fanfic. Especially not porny fanfic.

This is my reply to those people:

A lot of times, that opinion comes from people who are actually still teenagers or in their early 20s themselves, and who seem to have this really weird idea about what adult life looks like. I have no idea where they got that, but let's just blame their parents and the media :P. They seem to think that adult life is all about CLEANING ALL THE THINGS and PAYING ALL THE BILLS and that adults either have no need for fun times, or that they all derive all the fun times they need from their jobs, or from mooching off in front of the TV or cleaning their car or whatever they see their parents doing in their free time.

My dears, you are wrong. So, so wrong. Us adults are just as varied as you teens are in our interests. We are also just as interested in porn, just fyi. We're the ones who got the porn industry started. Not you. Think about that for a moment.

I think this idea that having fun, enjoying stories and storytelling, and just generally being goofy is something that you should grow out of at some point is really, really sad. Yes, life is SRS BZNS. But it's precisely because of that that we need some fun now and then. We need some escapism, some enjoyment and some lulz. And fandom provides that. It provides oh so much of that.

Having an imagination is not "for kids". Having an imagination is FOR HUMANS. Playing is not "for kids", it is something humans DO, all of their lives. Playing, having an open mind, imagining and learning from cradle to grave is one of the things that makes humans special. Most other animals actually DO stop playing at some point (notable exceptions being great apes and some domesticated species like dogs). Humans don't, and it's why we keep learning and improving.

So stop dissing fun and playtime because it's "not mature". And stop trying to dictate to others just how they should be playing and having fun, because that is none of your business. If someone has fun washing their car or watching a game on Sundays, that is just as legit as me having fun writing fanfic on Sundays. None of it is superior.

PS: another reason I can think of for this "ewww old ppl get out of fandom" is that teens want and need a space that is just for them, where they don't feel watched and judged by adults. Well, dears, I might be watching you (if you write good fic and/or are cool), but I'm not judging. Or telling you what to do. Because in fandom, we're all equals. We're here to have fun, so let's just have at it, OK?
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Spammage! Because I forgot to do this last year and was sad about it :(.
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