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This episode of Game of Thrones.

This episode of Game of Thrones, people

It had everything I could ever have wished for and some thing I didn't know I wanted but now do want.

And it was written by GRRM himself. All hail the creator! Also GRRM your ships are showing. As is who your real favorites are.

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oh, and flap my hands. And hyperventilate. OH GOD OH GOD CAN I HAVE IT NOW PLZ.

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I'm making a compilation of my favorite fandom versions of "I'll Make a Man out of You" from Mulan. For all my German peeps: you can watch these if you go via But most of them are actually not cockGEMA blocked yet.

Harry Potter (this one is srsly awesome):

The Avengers:

Les Miserables (warning: since it's Les Mis, this gets very could you do this my soul is dead... in the end):

Lord of the Rings:

Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Avatar: Legend of Korra:


Game of Thrones (same warning as the Les Mis one):

Doctor Who (Rory-centric, because I love Rory):

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And the drama with the ex-house continues. Now they're bitching because husband put a new wooden ceiling into the bathroom. I repeat, he PUT. IN. A. NEW. WOODEN. CEILING. Because the old one was, quite frankly, fugly and oooold, and back when we moved in, we got the OK for it. Now it's all omg how could you you should have taken that down we wanted everything the way it was.

You know what, OK. You wanted everything the way it was? Then we'll go over there and remove the tiles from the bathroom walls. We're going to shoddily glue on the tiles from the windowsill and laugh when they come down. We'll remove all the wallpaper and put back the four layers of fugliness that used to be on the walls before we busted our asses renovating that place. You want your old baseboards back because they match the hardwood floor? Gladly. At least we won't have to put any holes in them because they already got more holes than swiss cheese.

20 bucks say that they'll blame the crumbling walls on us, too. Or the fact that the plywood! walls are kind of warped. You rented us a crumbling mess. We did the best we could to make it livable.

Cut for fandom talk. Or, why I love the Hannibal fandom. )
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This is a crosspost from my tumblr. I want to keep it because reasons.

Background for those interested: there's a huuuuuge wankfest/shipwar going on because some people dare ship Enjolras with Eponine. Now this is a total crack pairing, but hey, whatever floats your ship, right? Only that some angry SJWankers and Enjolras/Grantaire shippers took this as an opportunity to cry out "omg queer erasure!!!". I think you all know my opinion on that kind of thing. But yeah. Getting all worked up about "how dare you take this canonically queer character away from us". Which btw is not true because HUGO SAYS NOTHING ABOUT ENJOLRAS' SEXUALITY OK? Not. one. word. Besides "he don't have time for that shit, he busy with revolution".

And now for my post, which explains why this makes me SO. FUCKING. ANGRY.

My two cents on the whole  )

SPN review

Feb. 10th, 2013 07:37 am
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Might as well get into the habit again ;).

Mostly because the Men of Letters are my new favorite thing.

Spoilers )
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also known as "fuck you Tony, stop ruining my life"

And then there was this baby and OMG BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH I think I have a nosebleed now

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...even though he was an editor on it. Or maybe he just really really hates and really really doesn't get the character of Adrian Veidt.

A spoilerish essay by a disgruntled fan )
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First, Ozymandias. Worst first, heh.

God that was painful. Not in the good way that Minutemen was, but in the "this is so bad it hurts" way. But then, that's what I expected.

Len Wein once again managed to completely screw up the characterization and turn the story into a total yawnfest. Seriously, I am sick and heavily medicated, and I could have come up with something better than this.

Spoilers and macros and a Monty Python sketch )

And as an extra, the Dollar Bill oneshot, which was sadly also written by Len Wein. Which becomes pretty obvious once you read it because the storytelling device is the same - which is rather silly, because come on, narrating your own autobiography when you're DEAD??? - and the language is pretty similar. Pretty sure Dollar Bill didn't talk like that. Whatever.

Some spoilers )

Once again, my battle cry is "Why couldn't Darwyn Cooke write this one, too???"
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But this episode was just so awesome. I like that the writers realize that when they've put us fans through the emotional wringer last week, maybe they should give us some fun as to not kill our souls ;).

Also, I like that the writers have knowledge of and respect for geek culture.

Spoilers for LARP and the Real Girl )
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Today I once again watched "Midnight of the Century", one of the most brilliant episodes of the equally brilliant TV show Millennium.

I watch it every year for Christmas, and it is the only Christmas episode of a TV show I can stand, because it's not soppy or cheesy or makes me want to puke from having all these overdone and totally unrealistic messages of harmony and family stuffed down my throat.

It is about family, yes. It's about a family with a bunch of really bad issues, which are acknowledged and not magically erased. The episode still ends on an optimistic note, even though it's the kind of bittersweet optimistic that I love about Millennium.

Basically, it makes me feel touched in a way that's hard to describe. It's kind of triggerish and hard to watch in parts, but I still watch it because in the end, it makes me feel good.
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Can I just say ohjesuschristfucknosfalkjsfadlkjfsajfasI'mscarednow?

It's like Cooke took my soul and threw it into a shredder.

Spoilahs )
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I'm going to head this off by saying: this is one of the best, if not the best comic books I've ever read. Yes, it's even better than the original Watchmen. There, I said it. SACRILEGE. But then, while Watchmen has this wonderful moral dissonance and deconstruction of comic book tropes that made it outstanding at its time, this one has something that is of even more interest to me personally. It's kind of like... Cold Case in comic book form. Watchmen posed its questions about ethics and personal morality in a somewhat cerebral, detatched form. This one gets up close and personal. Watchmen was philosophy, this is psychology. What happens when good people are confronted with horrible things? How do people deal with the dissonance between their ideals and the actual reality?

Spoilers for Minutemen #4. In which I explain why I have been flailing. )
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Spoiler-free, because I just can't put my feelings into words. Just... JESUS CHRIST OMG FUCK AAAAH COOKE YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME YOU MADE ME CRY FUCK OMG MAKE IT STOP NEVER STOP *breaks down in a ball of feels*

Gifs to express my feelings )
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The time where I have a screaming fit over the newest edition of "Before Watchmen: Ozymandias"! And what a fit it is. This comic is vile. And I'm going to tell you exactly why I think so beneath the cut. But first, something for my bb rocks_not_dead: the only redeeming feature about this was IT HAD MOTHMAN IN IT AND HE WAS ANGSTY AND AWESOME. Also, if you squint, they supported our ship! Well ok two woman rowboat from cracksville. But still. :P

And now I be hatin'.
Why this has crossed the line from bad to vile )
In short: Dear Mr. Wein. Go fuck yourself. With a cactus.
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Getting Nite Owl and Comedian out of the way so I can focus for the RAGEFEST that is sure to be brought on by next week's new Ozymandias.

Spoilers! Macros! Me going WTF a lot! )
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I just finished "A Storm of Swords" aka ASOIAF Book 3. I have FEELS about this book. All right, mostly about the characters. Don't read past the cut if you don't want to be spoilered. Although one thing I can say above that cut that should be no surprise to anyone: GRR Martin you sodding bastard you will pay for what you did to my poor little FEELS!!!

Here be massive spoilers, capslock and fanspeak. And not much coherence. )
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Spoilers )


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