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The husband and I took a short vacation in Groningen (in the Netherlands). Besides good food, this city also has a surprising amout of weirdness.

The weirdest thing was the antiques/curio shop. It started outside of the store, with a giant plaster cast banana with a monkey riding on it. You know, the kind of thing you would see outside of a really weird fruit shop.

Then, there was the display case filled with skulls. Rodent skulls, bird skulls, replicas of elongated human skulls and one of the skull of the Elephant Man. Oh, and of course preserved dog and pig fetuses.

Next to that were old photo frames, complete with old photos. A couple of them were kind of scary. And then there was one which I almost bought, just to really really creep people out. Or of course put it in a frame with the title "proof of demonic possession in early 19th century Netherlands". Because dude. That guy looked SCARY. His stare could have killed old ladies via heart attack.

Let's see, what else did they have... a fully mounted horse skeleton. A collection of mannequin hands. Yes, just the hands. Creeeeeepy. Lots of weird porcellain figurines. Lots of really racist porcellain figurines. Commemorative plates and tiles. Like, oh, the tile commemorating the Dutch overseas territores which had a TANK on it. Yeah. That's just what I want to have in my kitchen/bathroom. A tile with a tank on it. Tiny booze bottles, some of them very old and still containing booze.

They also had a number of costume shops. Nothing creepy about those, right? WRONG. One of them had a mannequin sitting out in front. Long, blonde hair, a nice dress, and one of those smooth white whole-face masks with red lips. Yeah, EXACTLY the kind of thing you see in horror movies involving women with really mutilated faces. Creeeeepy.

Toy shops! Toy shops are harmeless! ...nope. Not when they carry a line of baby dolls which are not only ugly but really really anatomically correct and detailed. As in, not quite healed belly buttons and disturbingly realistic genitalia. I mean, you can make an argument on how that's educational and prepared children for what real babies look like, but... well, it still looks creepy.

Oh and apparently, they wash the sidewalks and streets downtown every night. With soap suds. Makes it kind of hard to walk on them, because yeah, slippery.

Oh and I almost forgot: in a bookstore, they had a 50 Shades of Grey party game. A 50 SHADES OF GREY PARTY GAME. I shudder to think what that game looks like. Sadly, there was no open box, so we couldn't have a look.
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Look what I did today! :D

Oh yes, that is me. Driving a tank. BOOYAH.

I got a short instruction on how to drive the thing (which is quite easy, actually), and then I hit the road for three rounds of hills, valleys and water troughs. Basically, it went:
First round - omg we're all gonna die SO NERVOUS
Second round - you know, this is really fun! :D
Third round - humming Rawhide in my head, relaxing, being sad that this thing won't go faster and idly contemplating just turning right, heading into the forest and hijacking the thing. For great justice and maybe starting a war or something :P.

Also, I am quite happy to report that through my example, a little girl now knows that tank driving? Not just for boys.


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