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oh, and flap my hands. And hyperventilate. OH GOD OH GOD CAN I HAVE IT NOW PLZ.

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...or, thank Cthulhu it's finally over.
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In short:
Dear Len Wein,

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First, Ozymandias. Worst first, heh.

God that was painful. Not in the good way that Minutemen was, but in the "this is so bad it hurts" way. But then, that's what I expected.

Len Wein once again managed to completely screw up the characterization and turn the story into a total yawnfest. Seriously, I am sick and heavily medicated, and I could have come up with something better than this.

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And as an extra, the Dollar Bill oneshot, which was sadly also written by Len Wein. Which becomes pretty obvious once you read it because the storytelling device is the same - which is rather silly, because come on, narrating your own autobiography when you're DEAD??? - and the language is pretty similar. Pretty sure Dollar Bill didn't talk like that. Whatever.

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Once again, my battle cry is "Why couldn't Darwyn Cooke write this one, too???"
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Or, this is the sound of my heart breaking. And then being put back together again.

...something brilliant, that's what. Something deep and moving and painful and uplifting and depressing, and a million things more.

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Time for some Before Watchmen reviews! But first, let me just say that OMG SPN YOU KILLED ME THERE. I only got to watch the new ep now because well, Germany. I need to snatch it off the 'net somewhere.

Ahem. Anyway. Ozymandias and Silk Spectre #4 )

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Spoiler-free, because I just can't put my feelings into words. Just... JESUS CHRIST OMG FUCK AAAAH COOKE YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME YOU MADE ME CRY FUCK OMG MAKE IT STOP NEVER STOP *breaks down in a ball of feels*

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omgomg I think I just died and went to fangirl heaven. CAN IT BE MAY YET???

Edit: also, 2 seconds of Loki = exploding panties. Why oh why do I always fall for the villains? Then again, Cap is mighty hot, too.
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So on Friday, the man and I went to see Captain America. And I loved it. Loved. The casting is really great, at least for the main characters. The story is handled really well, too. But beware, it does change the comic canon, so if you're a canon nazi, you'd better buckle up or stay away. But then, as I always say with movies based on the Marvel universe: are you really going to get upset over one little change when your own canon is such a bloody mess? You must be insane.

Also, Steve/Howard FTW.

As for actual comic books, I've been reading the "The Death of Captain America" series, and yeah, me likes. Even if I didn't get some things at first. Hey, I haven't really read all that many comics, not compared to some people - I haven't got the money - but I think I'm pretty much on top of most of it, thanks to dabbling here and there and reading wikipedia inbetween ;).

And then there was Old Man Logan. Which is so epic. OK, so it runs on cool and awesome and not sense, but who wants sense if they can have dinosaurs? Basically, the premise is that the supervillains have won, almost all the heroes are dead except Wolverine and a few others, but Wolverine has become a pacifist. For now. And then, cool shit happens...

And now, a bpal review! Today's perfume was "Eros". Wink wink nudge nudge.

In the bottle, this is sweet, slightly fruity, and with a hint of incense and/or spice. I really can't decide.

Wet, the sweetness comes out as honey. Overall, it kind of reminded me of mulled wine. Sweet, slightly fruity and spicy. I makes me want to grab a bottle of mulsum, only I don't have any :P.

On drydown, it starts reminding me of Engine No.93. Everything fades away slowly, leaving only the sweet note of honey lingering on. It's very yummy, although not quite as good as the engine.


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