fireez: (Default) you ever have the feeling that you have lots of things to say, but at the same time nothing that really warrants an update? 

- most important thing: I have my written exams tomorrow and Wednesday. Wish me luck! I'm not too nervous about it, but I'm sure it will come. "This is not the time for fear. That comes later" - Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

- I applied for a nice-sounding job, and they said they liked my application and shall come back to me in February/March (because they're not hiring rn).

- the Doctor Who 50 years anniversary special was GREAT. Even though there wasn't enough Pond.

- no, taking a character who already has some characteristics of the opposite gender, be it in appearance or character, and making them even more like that opposite gender is NOT how you do "fucking with the gender binary". Actually, it's reinforcing the gender binary.

- I'm watching way too much Age of Sail and Regency era historical stuff. I blame the clothes. And rocksnotdead

- how did I ever survive without my smartphone???

- winter sucks. Such cold. Much darkness. Fuck.

- I need to continue with my multi-chapter sprawling epic fanfic, but I have no energy left for writing. Fail.

- American Horror Story: Coven is the best thing to hit the television screen in a long, long time.
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New book by Neil Gaiman! Wooot! As usual, it's awesome. Magical and sad and a bit scary, and it sucks you right in. It reminded me a bit of "A Monster Calls".

Review. Might be a bit spoilerish. )In non-book news, I have a new haircut which I love. It's definitely more snazzy, and has a nice androgynous touch to it.

Also, Season finale of Hannibal soon. I'm pretty sure I'll go into some kind of catatonic state, induced by too many painful fangirl feels. Probably worse then the SPN finale, or "The Rains of Castamere". Seriously, this show has me wailing and ranting and screaming at the screen like whoa. Still in love with the fandom, too. So far, the level of wank has been quite low, and mostly confined to the margins where the movie/book fans gripe because it's fucking with the canon a bit. WHATEVERRRRR, it's good. And I've never been one of those canon snobs anyway.


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