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Yesterday was my first ren fair of the season. Not as a re-enactor - we don't do that any more because time constraints, and our group fell apart spectacularly - but as a visitor, though still in period dress. Or rather, viking dress. It was a lot of fun. We were an all-women troupe since our men didn't want to go along, and had a good time listening to music, eating yummy food and looking at stuff. Though I came home with a sunburn because stupid me didn't think of taking along sunblocker. Who would have guessed that it would be sunny there when it was overcast here? :P

Two things did make me sadface, though. It used to be that at those fairs, you could buy a lot of handmade and unique jewellery. Well, at least at this one, more than half the things were mass-produced stuff you can get in every store in town. But I did find something awesome! There was a guy who makes jewellery out of coins, mostly by sawing away the parts that aren't "picture bits". I bought a lovely one that shows an amazingly detailed tree. It used to be a coin from Connecticut.

The other was the "princess swords" and "princess shields". You know, pink swords and shields "for girls". Ugh. Seriously. Girls who want swords or shields usually want them because they don't give a shit about how they're "for boys". So that gendering shit is totally unnecessary. I noticed them because there was a little girl looking at the booth with the wooden swords and shields, and the salesman was all "here, we also have these here for princesses!". Can you not.

...but I did get to snuggle with a cute puppy. Cute puppies make up for EVERYTHING.
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